"Ad-Just" Your Feet

This is a 30 min ionic foot bath. The session uses warm water & Himalayan salt designed to focuses on releasing toxins and stimulating your the lymph system while allowing a relaxing moment to calm the nervous system.



Foot Fiesta "Detox"

This session begins with a Ionic foot bath followed by a 20 min meridian reflex session for the feet only focusing on specific points. This is designed for those wanting to detox the body. The benefits are cumulative from this coupling.




Foot Reflexology & Sound Chair Therapy

This is a 1 hour session that begins with a relaxing epsom salt foot bath (copper bowl) then you will be seated in the sound chair design to allow a deeper relation.  Reflexology points on feet are stimulated for 40 mins and these meridian points decrease stress and anxiety to allow body to heal itself. 

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Virtual Yoga


 This is an offering for those who want to practice but an online class fits more into their lifestyle. 

Allow a full hour to really get the body moving

Thursday Vinyasa Flow / Sunday Yin restorative.



Thursdays @ 6pm

Sundays @ 3pm


$20 - set of 4 classes

$7 per class drop in 



Stretch & Destress


Enjoy a full hour of Yoga designed to fit your fitness and body needs. A great way to help the body release any tension and preparation for your Reflexology session.

The reflexology session will include muscles & meridians all taking place on a  Biomat (wonderful infrared healing) as you allow the body to destress and restore.

Adequate floor space required for both sessions. 

This session is an in-home service. 

$150 - Private Session



Image by niko photos

One Tree

 3 foot reflex sessions 

  • Three 40 min sessions

  • Sound Chair therapy

  • Warm towel add in


Two Tree

 3 foot reflex sessions

  • Intention setting/key meridians

  • Three 40 min sessions

  • Warm detox foot bath

  • Biomat (infrared healing) body

  • Sound chair therapy

  • Essential Oils/Radiance spray gift*

  • Great for inflammation relief and lower back discomfort



Three Tree

3 foot reflex sessions 

  • Three 45 min sessions    (feet & hands)

  • Ionic detox foot bath

  • Biomat (infrared healing) body

  • Sound Chair Therapy

  • Essential Oils/CBD add in

  • 15 min consult/next-day check-in

  • Special one time gift bag (Evie's favorite things )


Why brown sugar? 

Because the particles are smaller, it is gentler and safer. It is a  natural humectant helping to keep moisture in.

Contents: Organic brown sugar, castor oil, coconut oil and nurturing essential oils.

Cost $10

one of my favorite


Brown Sugar Scrub