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See you in the FALL
this event is closed!

Event it closed.

Thanks and see you soon!

Past Events

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A Saturday 

discussion on:

Common vs. Uncommon signs/symptoms

Breast Imaging

High risk/genetics

Breast Density


Reflexology-self care techniques

cost $15


Currently a vendor
Alpharetta Farmers

Contact me about
for my schedule



For this event we created a space for women to have informative discussions on sensitive issues related to women’s health.

About this event...

Event was virtual and included 6 speakers and raffles!

We raffled off prizes and had a great day sharing knowledge and stacking the deck for wellness.


Play Your Cards Right

Virtual Womens Conference -August 2020 & February 2021

Stacking our deck with health options and support for your wealth.

The queens  discussed breast care awareness, pelvic floor health, natural solutions, psychotherapy,, credit restoration, reflexology and good yoga poses.


Wonderful Yoga 101

@ James Adams Salon in Tucker, GA

The Wonderful Yoga 101 Workshop was at James Adams Salon in Tucker GA on March 9th.

We explored the magic of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations).  It was a good stretch and a moment to reconnect on the inner.

yoga kids.jpg

Kids Yoga

@ Grove Park Rec Center

This was a weekly yoga class with kids enrolled in the The Village Tutorial & Enrichment Program - an after school program at Grove Park Recreational center lead by Cheryl Allie and focused.


Mission Trip

To Antigua

Fun times with The Village Tutorial and Enrichment Program trip to Antigua!


Giving kids the opportunity to learn about creating wellness - from practicing yoga to building a fantastic garden for the kids to learn about and enjoy hearty vegetables.


Pelvic Floor Workshop

@ Mountain Park Community Center

Great work shop at the Mountain Park Community Center in Roswell. Working with a local Pelvic Floor Therapist Kate Schenk, we explored information about pelvic floor health and how yoga can be used to strengthen these core muscles.


Pelvic Floor Workshop

@ LiveURYoga Studio - Roswell, GA

Great work shop at the LiveURYoga Studio in Roswell. This was our second offering together with Pelvic Floor Therapist Kate Schenk, continuing to build our  community for  pelvic floor health . 

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