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About Evie Fleming

I could always sense that the feet had their own story to tell. Never really liked my shoes and always looking for an opportunity to go barefoot. What a wonderful discovery for me to find reflexology.

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with years of experience in Home Health Care. I hold a certification in Reflexology and I  am a 200 hr  Certified Yoga teacher.


I possess a passion for aiding clients in establishing connections with their inner selves and their bodies.

I am happy to have joined the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB)  and working to grow the field within the United States.

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Working with the body & mind we learn new pathways of connecting and communicating in our internal and external world. We carry with us the stories of our experiences and some cause dis-ease in the body. Let's work together and hear what the body has to say ~ this is the pathway to healing. So... I can tell you all the wonderful benefits of reflexology but ultimately it must be experienced.

Hope to see you soon!

 Evie Fleming

ARCB -Secretary
Director-  Marketing/Social Media


College of Charleston

Bachelor of Science B.S.


Midlands Technical College

Licensed Practical Nursing 

National Board Certified Reflexologist

American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) -Director


Kashi Atlanta Urban Ashram

Classical Yoga Teacher Training Certification 200hr 

Holos Energy Medicine Education -

Dr. C. Norman Shealy M.D. Ph.D

Transcutaneous Acupuncture



Claire Marie Miller Seminars

Cultivating Inner Stillness

Integrated Reflexology ​Certification:

Hand & Foot 

Claire Marie Miller Seminars

Cultivating Inner Stillness

Advanced Integrated Reflexology:

Muscle & Meridians 

Heal Center

Roz Zollinger Theory and Practice

Foot Reflexology 

Lynn Booth 

VRT - Vertical Reflex Therapy

Accredited Course 

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Toe Reading - Reflexology Assessment

Theory & Practice 


Cyma Technologies -

Mandara Cromwell​

Level 1 Practitioner - AMI750

(100 hr Certification) 

Certified Sound Healer -Level 1

Life Changing Energy - CMA


About Reflexology

Reflexology is a modality that uses alternating pressure to stimulate nerve responses and circulation. It is an integrated approach using a zone theory, meridian pathways on the feet, hands and ears.  It is designed to open a space for healing. The manual technique relaxes and brings internal organ systems into a state of optimum functioning and homeostasis.


Benefits Include: 

  • Stress reduction

  • Energy 

  • increase circulation, aid lymph system 

  • eliminate toxins

  • assist nerve function & pathways

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