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About Evie Fleming

I could always sense that the feet had their own story to tell. Never really liked my shoes and always looking for an opportunity to go barefoot. What a wonderful discovery for me to find reflexology.

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with years of experience in Home Health Care, and I also hold certifications in Reflexology. I have lived in the Atlanta area for over 20 years.  

I also am a 200 hr  Certified Yoga teacher and have a love of helping clients connect to themselves and their body from within.


Working with the body & mind we learn new pathways of connecting and communicating in our internal and external world. We carry with us the stories of our experiences and some cause dis-ease in the body. Let's work together and hear what the body has to say ~ this is the pathway to healing. So... I can tell you all the wonderful benefits of reflexology but ultimately it must be  experienced.

Hope to see you soon!

 Evie Fleming



College of Charleston

Bachelor of Science B.S.


Midlands Technical College

Licensed Practical Nursing 

National Board Certified Reflexologist

American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) 


Kashi Atlanta Urban Ashram

Classical Yoga Teacher Training Certification 200hr 

Holos Energy Medicine Education -

Dr. C. Norman Shealy M.D. Ph.D

Transcutaneous Acupuncture



Claire Marie Miller Seminars

Cultivating Inner Stillness

Integrated Reflexology ​Certification:

Hand & Foot 

Claire Marie Miller Seminars

Cultivating Inner Stillness

Advanced Integrated Reflexology:

Muscle & Meridians 

Heal Center

Roz Zollinger Theory and Practice

Foot Reflexology 

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Toe Reading - Reflexology Assessment

Theory & Practice 


Cyma Technologies -

Mandara Cromwell​

Level 1 Practitioner - AMI750

(100 hr Certification) 

ARBC logo.jpg
ARCB Director Marketing/Social Media

About Reflexology

Reflexology is a modality that uses alternating pressure to stimulate nerve responses and circulation. It is an integrated approach using a zone theory, meridian pathways and psychoneuroimmununolgy. It is designed to open a space for healing. The manual technique relaxes and brings internal organ systems into a state of optimum functioning , homeostasis and nourishes the cells.


Benefits Include: 

  • Stress reduction

  • Energy 

  • increase circulation, aid lymph system 

  • eliminate toxins

  • improve nerve function & pathways, help w/neuropathy

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